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Jordan Stone here

So, I created this skin tag treatment blog to raise awareness for people how might not know there are easy and painless ways to get rid of skin tags.  I stumbled upon some of the products that i mention in this site such as, the Revitol skin tag remover and the moles, warts, and skin tag removal book.

I have struggled and had to deal with unsightly warts and skin tags for a while (especially on my feet) and was really excited to find out that…

…Theres an easier way!

I want this site to continuously grow and act as a resource for everyone who is desperate to find a way to get rid of their annoying skin tags.

So, if you’re looking for what I consider to be some of the best ways to remove skin tags (and warts) then check out some of my articles and blogs on the home page! I tried to make this website as easy as possible so people can get what they need and learn about it with ease.

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